How much does Envision Tomorrow cost?

Envision Tomorrow is free and open source. Significant enhancements were made to Envision Tomorrow as part of several HUD Sustainable Communities grant funded planning processes around the county. As part of that process, Fregonese Associates Inc., the original developers of Envision Tomorrow agreed to make Envision Tomorrow free and open source. Learn more about Fregonese Associates Inc.

What versions of ArcGIS are supported with Envision Tomorrow?

Currently, we are only actively supporting ArcGIS 10.3.1, but older versions of ET are available for ArcGIS 10.0, 10.1, 10.2.1, and 10.2.2.

Do you have a version that works with ArcGIS 10.4?

Not at this time, but support for ArcGIS 10.4 is currently in the works.

What version of Excel is required?

Excel 2010 or newer.

What are Building Prototypes?

Building prototypes are the smallest modeled unit in Envision Tomorrow. Prototype buildings are modeled in a return on investment model, called the Prototype Builder.

What is the Scenario Spreadsheet?

The scenario spreadsheet is the central hub for the model, containing all of the assumptions and output indicators. It is an Excel spreadsheet that links dynamically to the ESRI scenario painter tool, and is automatically updated as the user paints.

What can Envision Tomorrow measure? What are the indicators?

Envision Tomorrow can measure a range of indicators, from the density and type of new housing and jobs, to the energy and carbon emissions associated with both buildings and vehicles, to travel behaviors, to fiscal impacts. The vast majority of indicators come "stock," and are populated with national assumptions, which can be edited by the user. The indicators associated with 

Does Envision Tomorrow automatically generate scenarios?

No. Envision Tomorrow is a designed-based model, rather than a predictive or econometric model. Users can design alternative land use patterns, based on specific plans or policies and evaluate the consequences of those decisions on a wide range of indicators.

Does Envision Tomorrow automatically generate 3D models?

Not yet, however, researchers at the University of Texas at Austin have a draft methodology for feeding scenario data to ESRIs City Engine to generate procedural 3D city models.